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Tommy McArdle was born in West Belfast. He spent much of his life growing up and travelling in different countries.

The son of a musician and a singer he was born to be on the road. The family lived in Scandinavia, UK and the Middle East before returning to Ireland and the beautiful wilds of Donegal.

Although always musical from childhood it was home in Ireland where Tommy McArdle really started to develop his style and song-writing by listening to the many amazing artist both from and passing through the hot bed of talent that is Buncrana, County Donegal.

The Road to Arrival was a song I wrote with my great friend Stevin Tedstone, a tremendous talent from our ‘home’ town Buncrana in Donegal on the northwest lookout of Ireland. Anyway the road to arrival idea is some kind of mind set that I’ve had, always it seems. It is about being a free thinker and believing in your abilities and goals. I am sure I would feel the same about anything I had a passion or aptitude for. But in my case, I like to sing and write my songs and in truth I have always been a bit of a show-off. Or confident in myself, shall we say.

Nature/Nurture? A bit of both I guess. My parents are both musical and my Father used to play in a successful folk outfit when we lived in Denmark called Kontraband. I remember going and watching my Dad play at festivals and the like. I remember standing there taking it all in. I loved festivals. I loved the stage. It’s the feeling inside. The power of music and the downright cheek to think I have something to say and loving every minute of it. I love singing. It is what I have always done.

I want to offer something new and distinctive. I never really been keen on derivative substitutes to a classic form. I tend to use a lot of key changes and more chords than is recommended, though this is not always the case, that is just how the songs sound right to me. I like it pure. As it comes out.

After playing with several local bands, Tommy moved to London and having busked and gigged across Europe and the USA - San Francisco and New York in particular - it was upon his return to London that his style was finally honed - and his global experiences would finally meld into one.

Gathering together some of the finest musicians around - his debut album "Fractured Soul" was six months in the making - and attracted the interest of music biz insiders who in turn fed it to the Right Track/Universal set up in London. "Over In A Second" is the first single - and is already creating radio waves!