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'Fractured Soul' is the impressive debut album release from Moody McArdle; a richly descriptive and moody work that takes in blues undertones and soft-rock leanings as it ploughs through indie rock and on into something close to pop-rock.

This is an extremely accomplished album; lovingly polished and superbly crafted it almost defies categorisation but it's genre straddling nuances will satisfy many a wise old muso no matter what his or her musical persuasions. 'Fractured Soul' tends to be handled with relaxed but sensitive 'hands'; the overall feel is one of hard realised belief and truth denoted by mellow vocals and empathetically proportioned instrumentation. Soothing yet poignant, mellow yet striking!!

'Fractured Soul' is certainly beautifully executed - everything sits nicely in its own place, never coincidental with anything else, never cluttered, never lost. Generally, 'Fractured Soul' retains a pretty cool feel and only occasionally does it manage to lift off into more kick-ass rock - a bit of less is more methinks, however, at times I felt that more would indeed be more and might even lift a few of the songs and change the dynamics without losing the 'reality'.

Fractured Soul' by Moody McArdle is a very impressive debut; it covers most bases and whets the appetite for more of the same - in that respect this album has done its job and more. Overall I feel that Moody McArdle might be trying to be just too chilled but, saying that, repeat plays certainly get more juices flowing and this could prove to be a real little worker with a few more listens. 'Fractured Soul' by Moody McArdle is an album of sensitive songs delivered with great musicianship and deft touch - I like the slick feel, I like the cool vibe, I like the fact that this feels entirely ego free - no huge solos, nothing self-indulgent, nowt that's not accessible to the average man in the street. Altogether, 'Fractured Soul' is an excellent debut album from an outfit that sound like they're in it for the long haul. I'm sure that there's much more to come from this crackin' outfit - 'Fractured Soul' by Moody McArdle certainly gets the job done and leaves a very pleasant after-taste that will need satiating by more of the same some time in the future. Very nice work this - a pleasure cruise of modern blues tinged soft-rock that's got something to say and says it bloody well!!

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This is an extremely accomplished
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